Comedy King Umer Sharif Dies in Germany

Mohammad Umer, known professionally as Umer Shareef, was a Pakistani actor, comedian, director, producer, and television personality. He was regarded as one of the greatest comedians of the sub-continent.

The death of legendary comedian Umer Sharif has left his millions of fans and Pakistani celebrities heartbroken after his family confirmed his demise on Saturday. Pakistani celebrities mourned the death of legendary actor and comedian Umer Sharif.

Umer Sharif’s sister-in-law has confirmed the demise of the veteran comedian.

Dr Mohammad Faisal, who is Pakistan’s ambassador to Germany. He had taken to Twitter to mourn the loss of the legendary comedian. He wrote, “With deep sorrow, it is announced that Mr Umer Sharif has passed away.  In #Germany. Our deepest condolences to his family and friends. Our CG is present at the hospital to assist the family in every way.”

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