Gohar Rasheed Erupted At The Minar-e-Pakistan Incident

Gohar Rasheed is a phenomenal actor in our industry. Gohar Rasheed recently gave an interview on a youtube channel Momina’s Mix Plate and he erupted at the Minar-e-Pakistan incident. He talked about the privilege of speaking up as an actor.

“Whether privileged or not, I have no idea, but I think if a person has just one follower and I can explain my point to just one person, then I’m done. I pass my privilege to this I don’t see from the point of view that everyone needs to understand my point. Many people will not understand my point and I don’t hope they will. What happened in Minar-e-Pakistan and the reaction I saw to it There was right wing and left wing. People who are saying why she went there, why she went there alone, it was a meet and greet and she invited all of them, whatever it is, this act is nothing justified. Secondly , I don’t have much hold on religion, I was reading this somewhere, correct me if I am wrong, there is a verse that a woman should cover herself, I agree, but why no one talks about its continuation No one talks about whether men should lower their gaze. Why doesn’t anyone quote it,” said Gohar

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