Matric Student Makes a Car From an Old Motorcycle in Pakistan Khanewal

A Matriculation student from Khanewal has succeeded in creating a car from an old motorcycle engine and used automobile parts.

The kid explained that watching his classmates drive automobiles made him desire one as well, but due to financial restrictions, his father was unable to fulfill his dream, so he decided to construct one himself.

The boy said that he began by making a sketch of what he wanted his car to look like, and made a small prototype based on it.

When his village people saw his car they were calling him an engineer and they give name Baby Car to his car that construct by himself.

The boy decided to upscale his creation and discussed the matter with his father who supported the idea. He took the engine out of an old motorcycle in his house and started working on it. Impressed by his zeal, his father helped him source the rest of the material for the car.

The student stated that because his invention was built with passion, he would not be ready to sell it for even Rs. 1,000,000.

He Said that every students who want to fulfill his dream he should go ahead.

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