Unvaccinated people banned from domestic air travel

The Natio­nal Command and Opera­tion Centre (NCOC) has decided that unvaccinated people, over the age of 18, cannot be allowed to undertake domestic air travel.

Federal Minister for Pla­n­ning, Development and Spe­cial Initiatives Asad Umar, who also heads the NCOC, said that Pakistan had the lowest mortality rate among Covid-19 patients as compared to other countries of the region.

According to a document of the NCOC, it has been decided that no unvaccinated citizens of 18-year age and above will be allowed to undertake dom­e­s­tic air travel from August 1. “Restriction is for domestic air travel and people travelling from Pakistan to abroad or from abroad to Pakistan are exempted from restriction. It is also not applicable on link flights if these are within 72 hours of arrival or departure,” the document states.

“UAE Nationals, holders of UAE Golden Visas and members of diplomatic missions who comply with updated Covid-19 protocols, are exempt and may be accepted for travel,” it stated.

Due to Spread and high growing rate of corona virus it is necessary to implement on SOPs and get vaccinated ourselves to prevent Covid-19. Asad Umer said in his twitter:

Unvaccinated people banned from domestic air travel

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