Experts Smartphone Camera Converted Into Thermometer

In new era of technology where everything is going forward, here is more news for you that Korean experts have successfully experimented with converting a smartphone camera into a thermometer.

The Korean Institute of Science and Technology has developed a government-funded, efficient and low-cost thermal imaging sensor that works perfectly up to 100 degrees Celsius. The thermometer can also be added to the phone by attaching it to the smartphone camera.

Thermometer is a common instrument that is used in hospitals, many institutions and even in houses. Now it is more easy for us to check our temperature just by using our Smart Phone Camera.

In response to this need, Professor Jun Wen-chui, an optoelectronics specialist at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology, has developed an optical sensor that is free from other defects of the past, low cost and reliable. It can record temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius and does not require any additional cooling system.

This small sensor can be easily attached to a smartphone camera, due to its speed it can also be used in automobiles.

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