Slovak company carries out successful test flight of flying car between two airports

A company in Slovakia has developed a successful prototype of a hybrid flying car, BBC News reported on Wednesday.

The British broadcaster said that the car, which is known as AirCar, took a 35-minute flight between international airports located in Slovakia’s cities Nitra and Bratislava.

Prof Stefan Klein, the creator of the car, said that it uses regular petrol-pump fuel, has a BMW engine, and can fly close to 1,000km at a height of 8,200ft. He also said that the car had flown close to 40 hours in the air.

The hybrid car can be changed into an aircraft in about two minutes and 15 seconds.

Prof Klein tested the car in front of reporters on Monday morning and took off from a runway. He claimed that the car flew at around 170km/h when it was airborne.

The creator has said that the car can carry two people and has a combined weight limit of 200kg.

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