Food Security Is The Biggest Challenge For Pakistan | PM Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday termed food security as one of the biggest challenges being faced by Pakistan, saying the country must take steps now to protect its population in the future from food shortages.

To explain the exact nature of the problem, he explained to the spectators that Pakistan had to import 4 million tons of wheat last year alone to meet a shortfall.

“The expense for that was in foreign exchange, in a country that is already short of dollars,” stated PM Imran Khan.

He noted that around 40 per cent children in the country did not reach their full height nor did their brain develop fully because they did not receive enough nutrition.

“Food security is actually national security,” he emphasised, saying the government in order to address the issue of stunting was bringing a nutrition programme through Ehsaas for the first time.

He added “A nation that does not fulfill the diet of its people should be punished,” said the prime minister.

PM said that the steps being taken by the government today are taken with the opinion that Pakistan becomes a food exporter rather than food insecure.

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