PM Imran Khan’s government took “strong” and “positive” measures to stop rape in Pakistan.

 PTI lawmaker Maleeka Bukhari said a day after PM Khan came under criticism for his remarks.linking men’s “temptation” in society with women’s clothes.

If a woman is wearing a very few clothes, it will have an impact on men unless they are robots,” PM Imran Khan had told Axios on HBO in an interview. “I mean it is common sense.

We have made a law that bounds the courts not to give value to character assassination of women in rape cases.the government has made it mandatory for the courts to conclude sexual assault cases in four months.

Maleeka Bukhari said that PM Khan believes victim-blaming and character assassination should not be done and he made us make the law.

She said that PM Khan has established an anti-rape fund and Rs100million were allocated for this year’s budget for the implementation of the anti-rape law.

Rape is a crime said the PTI MNA, adding that the rapists will be given a severe punishment.

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