Sindh govt increases group insurance amount for its employees

The Sindh government has decided to increase the amount of group insurance for its employees.

According to the details, the amount of group insurance for the employees of grade 1 to 4 has been raised from Rs 0.3 million to Rs 0.375 million. Group insurance money for grade 5 to 10 has been increased from Rs 0.35 million to Rs 0.437. The amount for the officers of grade 19 and 20 has been increased to Rs 2.6 million and 3.12 million.

The families of those government employees, who die while in service, are entitled to get group insurance money otherwise the amount is given to the employee at the time of retirement.

As per details, it had been recommended to raise salaries of the current and pensions of the retired government employees up to 15 per cent.

Employees from grades 1 to 15 likely to get 15% raise in their salaries in the upcoming budget, while it had been proposed to raise salaries of employees of grade 16 and above up to 10pc. (Ary News)

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