Sultan Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi Quotes

“Where bread becomes more expensive than a laborer’s wages. Two things become cheaper. A woman’s honor and a man’s honor!”

“When the rulers prioritize the protection of their lives, they are not convinced to protect the honor of the country and the nation!”

“Whether Islam was spread by the force of the sword or not. But I consider the sword necessary for the protection of Islam!”

“Every nation’s poet is a benefactor. Shame on that nation!”

The army without the nation and the nation without the army is easy prey for the enemy! “

“The traitor must be killed before the enemy!”

“The ummah knows how to give life. This is the ummah of the best sellers, but the sellers of the faith have put us in chains!”

“I see that the Palestinian territories will always be far from peace!”

“If a nation is to be defeated without a war, spread obscenity among its youth!”

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